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In a Bath with L.E.O.N


Independent Designer, Developer, and Researcher


In this game set on a spaceship, the player is tasked to complete a collection of minerals, plants, and creatures.

The player will gain points by getting their heart rate into a fat-burning zone and use these points to progress in the game.

In this project, a fitness tracker was developed using an Arduino Microcontroller that syncs with a mobile game made in Unreal Engine 4.27.




Casual, Collection, Exercise.


Mobile - Android

Research Topic

How the gameplay of a mobile game can motivate an individual to exercise using variables provided by a fitness tracker.


Gameplay Video
Design iteration comparisons

Game Design iterations

Original Design

Original Design slide deck

Iteration 1

The first playtest highlighted a poor user experience.

  • The controls did not suit the style of the game.

  • Landscape mode made the player use two hands which felt unnecessary.

  • The player only had to go to 5 different locations which could be achieved by clicking a button instead of controlling with an analogue.

  • This iteration looks to fix these issues.

Iteration 1 slide deck

Iteration 2

  • The menus are displayed at the bottom of the screen instead of cycling through multiple menus.

  • All the important information is displayed at the top of the screen.

  • During a playtest, it was observed that the player wasn’t sure what to do.

    • For this reason, tasks that can be completed were highlighted with a notification.

  • This iteration saw the addition of button UI to the bottom buttons.

    • The images made it clearer what each button did.​

      • The text was also added for best practice.

  • The playtest also highlighted there wasn’t much reason for collecting items.​

    • For this reason, a sell inventory button was added so the player could gain additional EXP for selling their items.

Iteration 2 slide deck

Iteration 3

Iteration 3 slide deck
  • The playtest highlighted the buttons were quite small.

    • This was adjusted and the buttons and trays were made bigger.

    • New buttons were made with larger text.

    • Buttons also highlight when selected to show which menu is selected, while other buttons are dulled out.

  • An inventory, goals and leaderboards, and upgrades screen were added.

  • The player can now upgrade LEON's vacuum head, allowing them to gather larger rocks.

Iteration 4 - Tutorial

  • Another playtest highlighted that the player wasn’t sure what to do at the beginning of the game.

  • When the level starts, the player character auto-walks toward the NPC where a button appears.

  • The player does not have to click this, but they are made aware they can.

Tutorial slide deck

Iteration 4 - Menu UI updates

Menu UI slide deck
  • Iteration 4 saw major improvements to the UI.

  • Dark backgrounds were used to make the light-coloured buttons stand out.

  • All UI assets were drawn on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.

Iteration 4 - Space gameplay & Mechanics

  • The player earns fat burn points by being in a fat burning zone.

  • These are used to send LEON into space. 

  • LEON is controlled with an analogue and can suck rocks towards them with a vacuum.

Dying in space Video
Going into space slide deck
Successfully filling backpack video

Iteration 4 - Rock breaking mechanic

  • The rock breaking level has the number of rocks in the top right corner.

  • The player clicks a button on the rock to break part of the rock.


  • A RNG determines if the rock breaks.


  • If the player clicks all the buttons, they gain either a mineral, egg, or seed.

Rock breaking mechanic video

Iteration 4 - Growing plants & Creatures

  • The player can grow plants and creatures.

  • This takes 10 minutes, but it can be skipped using fat burn points.

Incubating eggs slide deck
Growing plants video

Iteration 5

  • The final iteration added more upgrades.

    • The player can now upgrade their backpack store or earn more FBP per heart beat while in a fat burning zone.

  • The buttons for goals and leaderboards were updated.

  • A final gameplay design is added. This is what will be done with the main gameplay in future development.

    • This creates more use for the items collected.

Iteration 5 slide deck


  • Some of the blueprints are shown and described below.

  • Please note that this project has a lot of blueprints so only some have been shown.

  • These are prototype blueprints and can be improved.

Blueprint slide deck
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